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The Top 3 Benefits of Upholstery Cleaning
Friday, August 31, 2018


We get our carpets cleaned. We get our air ducts cleaned. And we try our best to keep
the rest of our houses clean as well. But what about keeping our upholstery cleaned?
Upholstery is defined as the material used to cushion and cover furniture. And
sometimes, it’s easy to forget about! But it shouldn’t be neglected for long.
Read on to learn the top three reasons that upholstery cleaning is an absolute
must—and how Calloway can help.

Why is upholstery cleaning so important?
Just from daily life, our upholstery absorbs all kinds of debris—including dirt, dust,
animal fur, food particles and more. Over time, this can take a toll on not only the
furniture itself, but also the condition of a house, as well as the health of the people
living there. Here are the top three benefits of upholstery cleaning.

1. It promotes better health.
As our upholstery collects dirt and debris, this can easily harm our health.
Without proper cleaning, upholstery can create bacteria and fungus, which can
lead to health problems and allergies for anyone living in—or visiting—the home.
In addition, unclean upholstery can begin to produce a foul odor that can
permeate throughout your home very easily.

2. It increases a home’s air quality.
Air quality in a home is very important. If the air quality is poor, that means mold,
mildew and allergens can grow and spread. Getting your upholstery cleaned,
however, helps strengthen the air quality in your home.

3. It just looks better!
When people walk into your home, they’ll notice so much about its appearance
right away. One of the big things they’ll notice quickly is the look of your
upholstery. By getting it professionally cleaned, it’ll look much nicer and more
impressive to guests. Plus, getting upholstery professionally cleaned is proven to
make your furniture last longer too. You can’t argue with that!
Upholstery cleaning on your to-do list? Trust the professionals at Calloway

At Calloway Cleaning and Restoration, our team of professionals is detail-oriented,
quality-driven and IICRC-certified upholstery cleaners.
We work with all types of upholstery material—microfiber, synthetic fiber, nylon fabrics,
cotton, Hatian cotton, leather and many more. No matter what material, we promise to
restore your furniture to like-new condition quickly and easily with our high-tech

Our steam cleaning process is simple but effective. First, we pre-treat the upholstery to
loosen up soil. Then, if it’s necessary, a spot treatment is added. Finally, all upholstery
is steam cleaned with vacuum extraction.

Plus, if fabrics are delicate, we use a specific cleaning method that uses a low-moisture
application to prevent dye transfer, bleeding colors and shrinkage. A dry-cleaning
solvent is then sprayed on and rubbed in with a horse-hair brush, and then it’s vacuum

When we’re finished, we’ll examine each piece of furniture with you to make sure it’s
cleaned and cared for to your satisfaction.

Ready to get started with upholstery cleaning? Give us a call today at 513-505-4656!


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